Moped Motor Scooters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Moped motor scooters have been a symbol of the open road for over half a century. Their history goes back to Europe immediately following World War II. At that time, Italy was a country badly hurt as a result of the conflict. The people were in desperate need of an economical mode of transportation that would give them the mobility they needed at prices they could afford.

A Brief History of Moped Motor Scooters

It was at this time that the classic Italian moped motor scooters, like the Vespa and Lambretta, began to appear on the market. They were small, light, and extremely fuel efficient. They were also very affordable. The citizens of the war torn country then had an economic mode of personal transportation that gave them the mobility they needed to find work and aid in rebuilding the country's infrastructure.

The advantages of this cheap and reliable means of transportation soon became apparent to people all over the world. As a result, companies in other countries soon began producing their own moped motor scooters. In Japan, Honda built quality scooters at affordable prices for the post-war Japanese market. The market there suffered, however, and scooter production shut down for several years until it was revived both internally and as a result of greater demand in other countries like the United States.

A similar occurrence happened to another Japanese manufacturer of moped motor scooters. Yamaha also built quality scooters for a long time in Japan. They too hit hard times in the scooter segment and stopped production for several years. The same factors contributed to their revival and now Yamaha is one of the major producers of motorcycles and motor scooters.

Economical and Efficient Scooters

One of the factors contributing to the resurgence of motor scooters was rising gas prices. Motor scooters are extremely fuel efficient vehicles and as gas prices go up, demand for mopeds and scooters increases. This is also one reason that 2004 was such a huge year for motor scooter sales. Estimates put this year's sales at around 100,000 units.

Affordability and efficiency are not the only selling points of moped motor scooters. Another thing that makes them so attractive and so perpetually popular is their style. Scooters have a look about them that turns heads. They are associated with freedom and fun, and their owners seem independent and adventurous.

All these factors combined are what make motor scooters such a hot item. They are cheap to buy and cheap to maintain. Fuel prices will not break anyone's budget because they are so fuel efficient. The style and sophistication of classic scooter designs can be seen in many of the newer retro models on the market today. Sport scooters are also available for people who prefer a more rugged, modern look.

Smart Scooter Buying

As scooter popularity grows, more businesses are hopping on the bandwagon of scooter sales. This can be both good and bad. On the plus side, this means more access to more people so an even greater percentage of the population can develop a lifelong love affair with scooters. On the other hand, disreputable and unscrupulous sellers are more tempted to sell rebuilt scooters that do not meet safety standards, putting you at risk. An easy way to get around this negative possibility is to buy moped motor scooters from licensed dealers only, especially when shopping on the Internet.

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