Moped Prices

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Moped prices have been dropping for years, making the purchase of a new or used scooter possible for almost anyone. This trend of affordability has been driven by a number of factors, including improved design and durability, the Internet, and the ever-expanding number of suppliers that are fighting for your scooter dollars. We will explore how each of these has contributed to falling moped prices.

How Better Design Means Lower Moped Prices

While the improved design and durability of contemporary mopeds might instinctively seem to be a catalyst for higher moped prices, it has had a surprisingly opposite effect. This is because these advances have created a strong resale market for used mopeds. Great deals on low-mileage scooters can be found in the classifieds or at local moped dealerships.

The other factors of increased competition and the rise of the Internet go hand in hand, for not only are the retailers in cyberspace fighting for your scooter dollars, but this has forced local dealerships to lower moped prices in order to remain competitive. While Internet dealers seem to be maintaining the upper hand on lower rates, it often comes at the expense of high shipping costs that can negate much of the savings you might garner on the price tag. It is also important to remember that some Internet dealers are not licensed and cannot offer service or quality replacement parts.

All of these factors have combined to create a climate of falling moped prices that makes purchasing a scooter possible for almost everyone. Add to this the fact that improved design and performance creates better and safer rides, buying a low cost moped to meet your about town travel needs can be one of the wisest purchases you ever make.

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