Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Written by Cybele Phillips
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There are many different types of motorcycle insurance available. Although it is not required in some states, many riders choose to get insurance anyway as added protection for themselves and their loved ones, as well as for their machines. Motorcycle insurance rates vary depending on a number of different factors; be sure to shop around in order to get the best possible deal.

How are Motorcycle Insurance Rates Determined?

Most insurance providers rate potential clients using the same set of criteria. Insurers will take into account the type of motorcycle you ride, your age, location, driving record, and what type of use your motorcycle gets when determining your insurance rate. Your rate will also depend on the type of coverage that you choose.

In general, your rate will be less if you drive an older, more basic motorcycle, have a fairly clean driving record, and live in a zip code with a low rate of accidents and thefts. Usually, the older you are, the lower your rate will be, and those who use their bikes for pleasure riding will pay less than commuters. Also, if you choose only liability coverage, you will be paying less than if you choose comprehensive coverage, or add on extras like roadside assistance and medical coverage.

There are several things you can do to ensure that you get the lowest motorcycle insurance rates possible. First, be sure to look around! It's possible to find a wide range of rates in a single locality, so be sure to do some research. Since a lot of insurance companies offer free rate quotes online, it can be pretty simple to come up with a ballpark estimate of what you'll need to pay. Additionally, many insurance agencies offer discounts if you can secure your bike, either in a garage or with an alarm system. Finally, taking a safety training course from your local DMV or other accredited organization will often get you a discount on your insurance rates.

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