New Mopeds

Written by Seth Cotterell
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If you are a college student looking for a cheap and reliable form of transportation to get you from home to campus, there are a number of motorbike options available to you. From new mopeds to cheap old dirt bikes, these can the perfect solution to the problem of getting from point A to B without having a whole lot of cash to do it. Some new mopeds go for as little as two hundred dollars, while a higher end model might run you a thousand or so.

Another alternative might be to seek out a used motorcycle that can offer a bit more flexibility than the distance-limited mopeds. These can allow you to quickly cover much greater distances than the conventional-electric powered mopeds. However, the expense of gas and maintenance may be much greater compared to that of a moped.

Where Can I Find New Mopeds?

There are a number of places to find mopeds, some of which can offer great deals on these extremely convenient modes of transportation. The first place to start is at your local motorcycle/moped dealer, who may be able to show you a variety of new mopeds that fit your needs. However, going through a dealer can be an expensive proposition. So, once you have gone to the dealers and test-driven the scooters that most appeal to you, it is wise to look around for the best deal.

One option might be to look for barely used versions of your preferred model in the local want ads, for you may be able to find great bargains on what is essentially the same product. Another possibility is finding what you want online, for there are many Internet dealers that can offer new mopeds at significantly discounted rates. It is wise to verify any Internet dealers licensing before purchase.

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