Written by Seth Cotterell
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In the world of personal transportation, quads refers to four wheeled motorcycles and scooters. Quads are one of the most enjoyable and easy to ride types of motorbike and they are suitable for people in a wide range of ages and ability levels. Their stability makes them ideal for use by younger riders and for off road riding.

Quad motorcycles are often given to younger riders as gifts by parents or other family members. The four-wheeled design gives them greater balance and makes them easier to handle for younger riders or for small adults who might otherwise have problems with motorcycles too large for their body size.

Another reason these types of bikes are popular among young riders is that they often incorporate semi-automatic to fully automatic transmissions in their design. No hand clutch makes riding easier and lets riders focus on the trail instead of shifting gears. Many also have electric ignition rather than difficult kick starters.

Quads for Off Road Riding

Quads are perfect for off road use. Many families own one for their camping excursions and in many cases, each family member has their own four wheel bike for outdoor fun. It's great to get out in nature and feel the freedom that comes from letting go of your domestic worries. As I have heard many motorcycle enthusiasts say, the family that rides together, stays together.

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