Scooter Styles

Written by Seth Cotterell
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If you are looking to buy a motorized mini-bike to meet your travel needs, there are a variety of different scooter styles to choose from. From mopeds to mini racing bikes, there is a range of designs that can be relatively cheap, both to purchase and maintain. However, I will concentrate on the two most popular scooter styles in my examination of the motorized bike market.

Among the cheapest and easiest to operate of scooter styles is the one you have undoubtedly seen kids riding up and down the streets of your neighborhood. Called a kickboard scooter, it looks essentially like a skateboard with a handlebar, energized by a little electric motor that rests on the undercarriage of its body. These travel in the neighborhood of ten to fourteen miles an hour, and are generally limited to one or two hours of battery life. They offer the convenience of a folding design for easy storage.

Another of the popular scooter styles is the moped, which come with a bigger motor, thus allowing you to travel further and faster. These are all the rage among the college set, for many students use them to travel from home to work and school. They offer many advantages over using a car to get around and they can be purchased for as little as a few hundred dollars, and are very cheap to run. Some of these bikes can go up to thirty-five miles an hour, and can be charged anyplace there is an AC outlet available.

What Other Scooter Styles Are There?

These are only a sampling of the styles of scooters available. Gas powered scooters are popular and allow for greater speed and performance. There are also mini-bikes that are generally for younger children and can be gotten for as little as a hundred dollars. A trip to your local dealer can allow you to see some of the other types of scooters available.

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