Slope Cycle

Written by Charles Peacock
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The last decade has seen an incredible innovative explosion in the development of snow sports technology. In the '80s, even most avid skiers had never heard of a snowboard, let alone actually seen one. Today, the ski slopes are filled with all sorts of different types of equipment, and it's not uncommon to see something new every time you get out on the mountain.

Slope Cycles: The Newest Way to Conquer the Mountain

It was perhaps inevitable that the popularity of snowboards and scooters would at some point converge. In fact they have, in the form of a neat little contraption called the Slope Cycle. Slope Cycles are basically stand-up scooters made for the snow.

The manufacturer of the original Slope Cycles points out that riding a Slope Cycle is a lot like riding a bike, a scooter and a snowboard all at once. This may sound scary to some, but to others it probably sounds exhilarating. If you're looking for a new way to cruise the slopes, you may want to consider trying one.

If you've never seen a Slope Cycle, it looks like a scooter without the wheels. It has a small platform where you stand, with a separate ski in the front that is attached to a pair of handlebars. Since there are no bindings, you can ride a Slope Cycle while wearing regular shoes or boots. This is a major advantage to anyone who's spent the day in a pair of uncomfortable ski or snowboard boots.

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