Sports Scooters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Motor scooters come in many different styles, from sports scooters to classic European style scooters. Each scooter type has its own unique look and is designed for different functions. Every scooter type has a following of hard core fans who can tell you why that style is the best, and no matter what you're into, there's a scooter type out there to fit your personality.

Rugged Sports Scooters

The style of sports scooters is much more rugged than that of classic scooter types. Sports scooters are meant to go faster and under harsher conditions. They generally have larger engines, around 150cc, and higher ground clearance than classic European style scooters. They are meant to look sleeker and more "sporty" than other scooter types and are built to take a pounding.

Sports scooters are all about attitude. Their rugged and sporty looks are meant to turn heads, whether you're racing them in the desert or just cruising around town. They often have larger wheels and better suspension to add the stability you'll need while performing maneuvers. They handle great and will get you where you're going in style.

Of course, you can buy scooters in a range of styles, colors, and prices. You can choose between new and used scooters too. Whatever kind you decide to buy, make sure you're going through a good dealer. The only problems I've ever encountered when buying scooters over the years is when I've bought from unlicensed dealers. Whatever you do, make sure your dealer is licensed, especially if you're buying over the Internet.

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