Street Scooters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Recent years have seen an explosion in the popularity of street scooters. These cheap and easy ways to get around have become a staple on college campuses, offering a great alternative to the potential headaches of owning a car. If you live within a few mile radius of your campus or workplace, one of the many different styles of street scooters might be an excellent choice for you.

Electric Street Scooters

A popular and economical style of moped is the electric street scooter, which offers the advantage of being cheap to own and operate. These motorbikes draw their power by being charged through electric outlets and require a minimal amount of energy to run. You just have to plug them in overnight, and you may be able to ride for a couple of days without worrying about recharging the battery. Though these kinds of scooters are relatively cheap to run, they do suffer the drawback of not being very powerful.

Gas-Powered Scooters

If the idea of only being able to go about twenty miles-per-hour is less than appealing to you, one of the many gas powered street scooters might be a good way to go. These scooters can go much faster, sometimes all the way up to fifty or sixty miles an hour. These scooters are only slightly more expensive to operate due to the cost of gas. Still, for someone who wants to use his or her bike to routinely cover greater distances, the gas-powered scooter may be an attractive option.

Street scooters can be an excellent way to save some money while still maintaining a flexible, reliable form of transportation. It is just a matter of determining the right vehicle for your needs. No matter whether you choose gas or electric, you will find yourself a great bargain.

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