Vespa Motor Scooters

Written by Seth Cotterell
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Vespa motor scooters have enjoyed a long and proud history in the personal scooter market for many decades. The company that makes Vespa motor scooters, Piaggio, began by fitting ships in Italy well over a century ago. Since then, Vespa's parent company has been consistently successful in the transportation industry producing among other things, trains, planes, and engines.

Unfortunately for the Italians at the time, but fortunately for scooter lovers today, the Italian economy hit hard times after World War II. Piaggio was in serious financial difficulty following the destruction of its main production plant by the Allies. The company's leaders knew it was time for an overhaul.

The result of this restructuring was a focus on the individual consumer, not military plane production or large freight transport. Thus, Vespa motor scooters were born. The word "vespa" is Italian for wasp and the brand got its name from the company's president who envisioned the scooter as an alternative to the noisy, cumbersome motorcycles he despised.

Vespa Motor Scooters Today

Today, Vespa is more than just a scooter. The classic Vespa design has become a symbol for all that is Italian. It possesses a simple elegance no other motor scooter can match. People's love affair with the Vespa has ensured its continuous production for over 50 years and new Vespa models have recently been introduced. With no sign of its popularity declining, it appears certain that people for another 50 years will enjoy the freedom and fun only a Vespa can offer. Of course, with popularity comes higher prices. More and more people are finding that scooters provided by American companies who develop and support their products locally, can provide the same thrills and Italian styling for a more affordable price.

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