Active Radar Jammers

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are wondering about the function of active radar jammers, consider that essentially, all radar jammers are actively engaged in counteracting targeting devices. Jammers are designed to do just as the name implies, that is, jam or scramble the signal that is returned to the targeting device, essentially confusing the internal computer so that it is unable to render a reading of the target speed. This procedure sounds complicated, but it simply involves the jammer adding on FM static to the returning signal.

This process effectively masks a true reading of any given vehicle's speed, but keep in mind that in cases of flagrant speed, a law enforcement officer might choose to make a visual estimation of speed. In this regard, any alert notification by a jamming device should be taken as an opportunity to reduce your speed, if necessary. In essence, utilizing an effective jamming device is no guarantee that you can avoid a ticketing!

Active Radar Jammers Vs. Passive Devices

The advantage of active radar jammers over mere detection devices lies in the greater window of time that you will have to adjust your speed to posted limits. A simple detector is an effective deterrent, but as you enter the targeted area, you will have no means of preventing the targeting device from measuring your speed. A jammer is designed to do just that, and will simultaneously alert you to the presence of law enforcement radar.

Whichever system you choose to purchase, either will be more of an effective deterrent than none at all. If you truly want in your possession a device that takes full advantage of all the existing technology, a jamming device is the way to go. With a jammer on your window or dash, you'll take an active role in protecting yourself from speed traps and expensive tickets.

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