Best Radar Detectors

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you're in the search for the best radar detectors, you'll find that you have more great options than you might expect. Radar detectors are in widespread use, manufactured by a number of quality retailers, so finding a good deal on a good product should not be a challenge. Your first step should be to get an idea about what features and capabilities are available in detectors, so that you can identify what particular type of model you're looking for.

The Best Radar Detectors: Extensive Coverage

When you talk about the best radar detectors, you've got to throw in what kind of coverage and protection any given unit can provide. This aspect is particularly important, because as law enforcement targeting technologies have developed, it is crucial that the detector you purchase matches that development. In other words, having a detector that only detects a few of the radar bands that law enforcement agencies use in their radar guns will not help you when targeted with more recent band additions or laser targeting systems.

Granted, you would still have better protection than nothing at all, but if you're going to go for a detector, why not go all out? There are many models available today that offer full detection capabilities of all known targeting technologies, and though these models are no 100 percent guarantee that you can avoid a speeding ticket, they offer the best protection that money can buy. Having a current model in your vehicle is the best way you can ensure that you are taking your best shot at counteracting targeting devices.

Make the Intelligent Choice

When you purchase the best in radar detection technology, you give yourself the best chance of steering clear of the blue lights. You could settle for something less, and again, it's better than nothing, but if you truly want to stay ahead of law enforcement methods, take advantage of the best technology that is out there. You might be required to make a substantial monetary commitment, but your insurance points and your wallet will be spared in the future!

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