Cordless Radar Detectors

Written by Dallas Smith
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For sleek design and exceptional portability, it's hard to beat cordless radar detectors. If you're someone who appreciates a minimum of clutter and a consistent stylistic flow, particularly in your vehicle, then a cordless detector is the answer. You'll be able to find these models with an array of different features and capabilities, as well.

Cordless Radar Detectors: Great When You're On the Go

If your occupation requires a lot of traveling, or you find yourself in rental or company cars much of the time, cordless radar detectors are a great option. This type of detector can usually be easily mounted on the windshield or dash of any vehicle, and a simple battery power supply is all it needs to be fully functional. These features add up to the ability to simply take the unit with you wherever you go, in whatever vehicle you happen to be driving.

Again, if work requires you to be on the road constantly, the last thing you want to worry about is seeing those blue lights behind you. With a radar detector, you can give yourself ample advanced warning to avoid those costly speeding tickets, and with a cordless, you'll be able to take that security wherever you are. Additionally, you'll be able to find styles and prices to match any tastes or budget.

Stay in Control

When you take advantage of the technology of a radar detector, you give yourself far more control over your driving options. With a radar detector, you can be a more proactive driver, and with a cordless at your disposal, you'll have more flexibility, as well. You have better things to do than worry about where the next patrol car is waiting--turn those concerns into afterthoughts with the aid of a quality radar detector.

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