Phazer Radar Jammer

Written by Dallas Smith
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The Phazer Radar Jammer is another excellent jamming device from manufacturer Rocky Mountain Radar. The Phazer is effective at jamming both radar and so-called "lidar," or laser signals from the targeting device. In this function, the Phazer is a great choice as you seek to elude costly speeding tickets and speed traps.

The Phazer Radar Jammer--A Range of Effective Features

The Phazer Radar Jammer is effective at scrambling X, K, Ka (Superwide), and Instant-On radar targeting devices. The Phazer can also scramble incoming laser signals, yet does so while functioning only as a receiver, not a transmitter, thus making it fully compliant with FCC regulations. In reflecting the incoming signal after coupling it with an FM chirp, the Phazer effectively confuses the targeting device's computer, creating an indeterminate reading.

At the same time, the user should be aware that within 50 to 150 feet of the targeting signal, known as the "punch-thru" zone, the targeting device retains a chance of making a speed reading on the vehicle. In this regard, you should use the Phazer only as a means of alerting you to the presence of targeting devices, and should then adjust your speed accordingly. Additionally, the Phazer offers front protection only, and therefore will not be effective against signals coming from behind the vehicle.

A Good Bet

As no radar detection/jamming device can offer total protection, you are always taking a chance when you drive above posted speed limits. However, with a device such as the Phazer, you make that chance a fighting chance, and in states where the Phazer is legal, you give yourself a distinct driving advantage to avoid speeding tickets. The Phazer's effectiveness is well-established, so including in your arsenal would be a good bet on any driving occasion.

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