Police Radar Jamming

Written by Dallas Smith
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For the most effective police radar jamming available, it's crucial that you take advantage of the most current technology that is available. Fortunately, as law enforcement targeting technologies have advanced, radar jammer manufacturers have worked hard to stay in stride. To that effect, there are a number of excellent radar jammers that you can buy that allow you to stay competitive the minute you hit the road.

These jammers are effective in that they are capable of counteracting all known forms of police radar band frequencies, as well as more recent laser targeting systems, known as "lidar." Older models might be effective at jamming certain radar or laser targeting guns, but you would still run the risk of allowing a positive read on a different targeting system. Your best bet is to stay as current as possible with the model you choose to purchase, same as with any form of technology.

The Science of Police Radar Jamming

The science behind police radar jamming is actually a fairly simple principal that involves detecting the signal coming from the targeting device, adding on additional FM static, or reflecting light emitting diodes, in the case of a laser gun, that effectively deter the gun from getting an accurate reading. This process is not guaranteed to prevent an accurate reading, but once alerted to the presence of radar or laser targeting, you can adjust your speed accordingly. It would certainly not be advised in such a situation to continue speeding, as simply having a jamming device activated is not a foolproof method of eluding radar.

Whatever jamming device you choose, you will certainly have a better advantage than simply relying on luck or intuition--as many drivers are accustomed to doing. Take advantage of the technology that is out there to retain the options you want to have as you drive. If you want to have the flexibility to make your own driving decisions, the technology is well within your reach, so take advantage of the best equipment that you can find.

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