Radar Detectors Legal States

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are considering the purchase of a radar detector, the good news is that radar detectors legal states far outnumber those where there use is illegal. Basically, detectors are legal in every state except Virginia and are not legal in Washington, DC, and that ban, by default, extends to jammers. Also, as detectors are legal in all states but Virginia and the District of Columbia, radar jammers are illegal in California, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Radar Detectors Legal States: Picking Your Spots

In all parts of the country outside of those areas mentioned above, you have the right to utilize detection and jamming equipment in your vehicle. If you choose to purchase a detector in one of the above areas, or intend to drive through them, it might serve you to know that there are detectors that are invisible to so-called "detector detectors." Ultimately, of course, it's your choice to incur the risk of discovery.

If you are interested in purchasing a detector, and feel that you are aware of the various state regulations regarding detectors, you will find that there are an extensive number of exceptional detectors and jammers on the market. These can range significantly in pricing, but your best bet is to purchase a product that has both detection and jamming devices, and covers all known forms of targeting technology, including both radar and laser targeting systems. Doing so will give you the best shot at counteracting any targeting systems you encounter, and sufficient time to adjust your speed accordingly.

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