Radar Jammer Laws

Written by Dallas Smith
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If you are planning on purchasing a radar detector or jammer, it is important that you know the radar jammer laws of your state. As it stands now, the only state where both devices are illegal is Virginia, and these devices are also illegal in Washington, DC. Detectors are legal in all other states, but jammers happen to be illegal in California, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Minnesota.

If you are decide to drive through these areas using a jammer, you do so at your own risk. Additionally, some law enforcement agencies are equipped with a device known as a VG2, which is a "detector detector." These devices can detect a radar detector or jammer in your vehicle, but manufacturers have responded to this shift by creating detectors that are invisible to devices such as the VG2, so the verdict is still out.

Radar Jammer Laws--Keeping Your Options Open

In areas where radar jammer laws allow for the operation of these devices, you can have a distinct advantage in avoiding costly speeding tickets with one of these units in your vehicle. Jammers are easy to find online--just make sure you are aware of the most current devices. Law enforcement agencies are continually upgrading their targeting technology, so it's important for your device to be up to date.

Of course, you have the freedom to make intelligent choices about the way you drive, so why not take full advantage of the technology that is out there? Of course, choosing to operate a detector or jammer in areas where it is illegal is risky business, but it all goes back to the freedom you have to make the choice. If you are going to purchase a jammer or detector, make sure that you purchase the best unit that your money can buy, and get the full protection that you've been looking for.

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