Radar Scrambler Jammer

Written by Dallas Smith
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When you are looking to purchase a radar scrambler jammer, you'll have a number of avenues you can pursue. Jammers are widely available, and in recent years, they have become popular tools for countering law enforcement targeting technology. This popularity is due in part to the more active role that jammers take in radar deterrence than traditional detectors.

Specifically, whereas detectors simply alert the user to the presence of targeting radar, jammers not only alert the user, but also carry out a process of scrambling the incoming signal and returning that signal to the targeting device in a form that it has difficulty interpreting. This process allows more time for the driver to respond to the radar presence by adjusting his or her speed accordingly. These crucial seconds can mean the difference between cruising through a targeted zone untouched and a three-figure speeding ticket.

Measuring Effectiveness of Radar Scrambler Jammers

When you are intending to purchase a radar scrambler jammer, pay attention to two particular areas when gauging a certain model's effectiveness. First, take note of the distance at which the jammer is effective, and second, the types of targeting technology it is designed to counter. These two areas will give you crucial information about how well the device can protect you as you enter a targeted zone.

Whatever radar jammer you choose, keep in mind that a jammer is still only a deterrent, not a guarantee of avoiding speeding infractions. Think of it as merely a shield between you and a radar gun, and not necessarily a wall--it is possible that the radar can still get through. Even so, you will still have a distinct advantage over detection systems, and, well, nothing at all, and that assurance alone can give the confidence and level of protection that you are looking for.

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