Viper Radar Jammer

Written by Dallas Smith
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In any list of the best radar jammers available on the market, the Viper Radar Jammer will undoubtedly stand near the top. The functionality of the Viper offers the user exceptional flexibility in counteracting all existing law enforcement targeting technologies. With applications designed to counteract both radar and so-called "lidar," the Viper offers outstanding operational coverage for the money.

The Viper Radar Jammer: A Few Features

The Viper Radar Jammer is effective at detecting traditional X, K, and Ka band radar, as well as Superwide, Instant On, and POP Radar. At the same time, the unit's laser transmitter can scramble all three forms of lidar currently in use by law enforcement. Most importantly, the Viper functions as a receiver, not a transmitter, and therefore complies with FCC regulations.

Additionally, as you pass into the radar or laser field of a targeting device, the unit will effectively scramble the device, rendering it ineffective in calculating the speed of your vehicle. If you are traveling at a flagrantly excessive speed, however, a law enforcement officer is still authorized to make a visual estimation of your speed, so utilizing an effective jamming device is not a total guarantee of eluding detection. At the same time, using the Viper can give you enough advanced notice of the presence of targeting devices to adjust your speed accordingly.

The Power of Choice

As a vehicle owner, you have the right to avoid costly speeding tickets. An effective radar jammer, such as the Viper, is the tool you need to give yourself the edge, wherever you are traveling. Take hold of your power to choose when it comes to your driving options, and let the Viper work for you as you pursue those options.

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