Fifth Wheel Tow Vehicles

Written by Jill Morrison
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Fifth wheel tow vehicles have many of the same features as standard travel trailers. The main difference is the location of the hitch. Fifth wheel trailers are attached with a special top hitch on a pickup truck.

Characteristics of Fifth Wheel Tow Vehicles

Fifth wheel tow vehicles are larger than most standard travel trailers. Therefore, they can only be towed by pickup truck. Standard travel trailers can be towed by truck or car.

Fifth wheel trailers are more desirable than standard travel trailers because the interior is more lavish and spacious. They are also much more stable to tow on the road. Fifth wheel trailers are most often used by full-time users or by people who travel frequently.

Fifth wheel tow vehicles are available for purchasing from many locations. You can find them at dealerships or in Classifieds ads. Yet, some of the best deals on fifth wheels can be found online.

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