Florida Accommodations

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Florida accommodations come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for every type of vacation, and for every type of vacationer. One can choose from highrise luxury hotels, pampered-comfort beach cottages, campy motels on the highway, fully equipped campsites and RV parks, and more. Whatever your hoping to find, there is a Florida accommodation to suit you.

If you're planning a Keys vacation, a white shuttered beach cottage might be just the ticket. These charming little bungalows, complete with private, secluded patio, are among the most romantic lodgings possible in this tropical paradise. If you're more in the mood for high style, then you might consider a Miami Beach highrise hotel. Or, if planning on concentrating on the action of the speedway down at Daytona Beach, then maybe your best bet is a little motel on the highway; since you're not going to be there very much anyway.

Some people, however, want to stay somewhere a little less "glamorous," a little more "secluded." They're not interested in noise, hustle and bustle; nor do they want to be tied down to any one spot. These people opt instead to choose a motor home for their Florida accommodations.

Motor Homes: Flexible Accommodations

Motor homes give people on holiday more choices, and much more independence over where to stay. One can camp in the woods, under the stars one night; on the beach another. On the third night, maybe you want to stay in that luxury highrise after all, and so you leave your home-away-from-home safe and secure in the well lit parking lot. The point is that in a motor home in Florida, wherever you may find yourself, you can find yourself at home.

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