Florida Rv Camp Grounds

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Florida RV campgrounds are a great way to enjoy yourself in the beauty of nature. It's also a great way to find yourself in a night-time tussle with a raccoon if you're not smart about handling food while on vacation. Hands down, the most important thing to remember when vacationing in campgrounds in Florida--or anywhere else--is to keep a lid on the food--literally.

Remember that raccoons and other forms of wildlife will be visiting your campsite while you are sleeping, and while you are away. If there's food to be found, the wildlife will eat it all, make a huge mess, leave you with nothing. What's more, if you were sleeping at the time, the intruding animals will keep you--and all your camping neighbors--up all night as they scuffle over your ham and cheese.

Florida Campgrounds: Keep It Clean

Before going to bed, or leaving the campsite, you must clean all food products off the picnic table, or eating area. Wipe the surface down well with either hot water or biodegradable cleanser. Also, make sure to wash all your dishes carefully. Certain wildlife can smell the very memory of mustard; make sure there are no food traces left.

After clearing the area of all food evidence, double bag your trash, and take it to the park or site's enclosed bin. Never leave bagged trash at the campsite. The scent alone will attract curious animals. Finally, transfer the uneaten/unprepared food cooler into either the RV or the car. And always remember to never store food inside a tent. Tents are made of thin materials that are no match for sharp teeth and claws. Campers should remember that humans are supposed to be the most intelligent species. If we tempt wildlife, we are responsible for their behavior. A clean campsite is a safe campsite.

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