Florida Rv Rentals

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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A Florida vacation in a recreational vehicle can make for a once in a lifetime experience. There's a magic to camping unknown by folks who only stay in traditional lodging. The imaginations of children and adults alike are sparked by RV vacations, much more than if they spent their days and nights only in motels and hotels.

Finding a campsite in a beautiful State Park can awaken the child in all of us. Evenings spent roasting marshmallows around the campfire, telling stories, or singing songs, linger in the memory for years. Making dinner over an open fire, enjoying the songs of the cicadas over a glass of wine, celebrating the morning by listening to a waterfall, or listening to the waves crash, can be restorative in ways that no hotel could ever provide.

Florida RV Rentals: Civilized in the Wilderness

For many people, camping means hard earth beds, public showers, no electricity. RV campers, on the other hand, have comfortable beds with nice linens. Hot, private showers. Midnight snacks pulled from the full size refrigerator, and enjoyed at the cozy kitchen table. And, although one is in the woods, it doesn't mean that Desperate Housewives has to be missed; many high-end RVs feature televisions complete with satellite service. You can have it all.

In fact, recreational vehicles--especially larger versions like mid-and full size C class, or her super-luxurious sister, the A class--provide more comfortable surroundings than even most motel rooms. Motels typically offer two beds, one TV, and a bathroom with a door. Motor homes and travel trailers, on the other hand, provide comfortable sleeping arrangements--and a fully stocked kitchen, cozy living area, charming dining area, sometimes washers and dryers, multiple televisions, and more. Yet, the cost is usually comparable to the Motels-R-Us facilities up and down the highway.

RV vacations are wonderful excursions for both groups of friends, and entire families--including the family dog. Many campsites and State Parks are pet friendly. Check in advance, of course, because different places have different rules. But by and large, a well behaved pet, on leash, is welcome in most places.

RV Travelling: Where Ever You Are, You're Home

Independence is another advantage to Florida RV vacations that other types of accommodations simply can't offer. If one should decide to move to a new hotel in the middle of a vacation, checking out, cancellation fees, and searching for a new place to call home can be a real pain. In an RV, the itinerary is completely up to you. Stay as long, or as briefly as you like, anywhere along the way. During a Florida RV vacation, you are the captain of your ship.

After all, there are so many wonderful, interesting, unique and beautiful campsites in Florida that one is almost compelled to stay in as many of them as possible. There are over 140 State Parks in Florida, each with a distinct personality worthy of visiting. There are State Parks with camping possible on beaches and in the forests, featuring activities like swimming, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking biking along nature trails. There are privately owned RV parks complete with swimming pools and tennis courts. In an RV, any of these idyllic sites can be home.

Then there's all the man made attractions for which Florida is famous. There's Orlando, with Disney World, Epcot Center, and the Universal theme parks. There are fine museums and restaurants all over the state. There's the excitement of speedway racing in Daytona Beach. In an RV, one can enjoy all these attractions, without dealing with crowded motels and hotels, overcharged room rates, and concerns about vacancies in high season. There are many camping sites very close to all these attractions, many of which even offer shuttle service to favorite destinations, making in-town travel very convenient. In short, Florida vacations, when spent in recreational vehicles, offer all the excitement of new experiences, without sacrificing the comforts of home.

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