Florida Travel Trailers

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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The hardest thing about a Florida vacation in an RV is picking the model that best fits your needs. RVs come in a dizzying variety. Choosing between Class A vs. Class C motor coaches, travel trailers, and, within the latter category, fifth wheelers, can be a daunting prospect.

Simply put, travel trailers (and fifth wheelers) trail your car or truck. They are lovely little homes, but they can not be "lived in" while they are in transit. For proper safety, travelers need to sit together in the towing vehicle. The RV itself can be fully enjoyed only when parked.

In-Town Driving Convenience

On the other hand, travel trailers have an enormous advantage over motor homes, in that once they've been set down at a campsite, the tow car is available for quick trips to the market, or to the amusement park, or wherever. With a motor home, unless a rental car is utilized, or unless a small family vehicle is towed behind the motor home, "quick trips" are a chore at best, impossible at worst. One has much more driving independence in town with a travel trailer.

Another advantage travel trailers have over motor homes is their cost. Motor homes, with the driver's cab located within the coach, are the more expensive option. For people on a budget who want the comforts of a fine RV, but are perfectly happy to drive down the road in the towing vehicle, travel trailers make good financial sense.

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