Florida Vacation Accommodations

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Florida vacation accommodations are sometimes just not very accommodating. Check in is often as late as 4:00 p.m. Check out, on the other hand, is encouraged to happen by 10:00 am. In some "nice" hotels, families with children are encouraged to try to be invisible. Yet, some "family oriented" hotels can be noisy, and lack sophisticated amenities.

The Most Accommodating Florida Accommodations

Many families opt for the most accommodating of accommodations: rental motor homes. In a rental motor home, there's no check out and no check in. No lugging luggage. And after the kids go to bed, you can spend some private time under the stars.

Plus, there's no sacrifice in terms of community amenities. Florida is filled with RV parks that focus on kids, and kid-centered activities. Clean sparkling swimming pools and playgrounds can be found at KOAs, and other franchise parks. Many of Florida's state parks, too, feature horseback riding, swimming, snorkeling, and more--great to entertain the kid in all of us.

Unlike "fancy" hotels, which prefer children to be invisible, many franchise parks and other privately owned RV parks have whole park sections devoted to families with kids. Kids can be kids, and laugh and play, and not feel bad to be who and what they are. Kids should feel like they're on vacation too, and in a motor home, they can.

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