Florida Vacations

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Florida's many assets has made it a choice vacation destination for generations. If you're unfamiliar with Florida, there are eight areas within the state, each with attractions worthy of a visit. These areas are referred to as the "northwest," "north central," "the northeast," "central west," "central Florida," "central east," and "southwest," and "southeast" areas.

One State: Limitless R&R

Northwest Florida stretches from the west at historic Pensacola, to the east at Apalachicola. This region features beautiful, undeveloped beaches and quaint, charming fishing villages. North central Florida contains the regions known as "Original Florida" and "The Nature Coast" named for its vast wilderness. Southern charm and hospitality are the keynotes of this area, most well-sampled in Florida's capitol, Talahassee. Northeastern Florida is the home of "America's Oldest City," St. Augustine, which was also the site of the first European settlement in the United States. It was here that Ponce de Leon in 1513 searched for the Fountain of Youth, and the area today is rich with museums, glorious architecture, and of course, extraordinarily beautiful coastline.

In central west Florida we find three of the most popular tourist cities in the state, including St. Petersburg and Tampa. Central Florida features the state's main attraction, Disney World in Orlando, as well as the breathtaking sand pine forest--the largest in the world. Central east Florida features Daytona Beach, the so-called "Speed Coast," as well as the "Treasure Coast" where divers may explore sunken Spanish galleons.

The extreme southern ends of the state, the southeast and southwest areas, feature the most elegant and chic parts of the State. This is where old world charm and old Florida meet. Lush tropical foliage, pristine white beaches, white shuttered cabanas, and a cool cuba libre make the picture complete. This region is home to chic, urban Miami, as well as the pampered resort communities of the Keys. Every region in Florida is well-suited for vacation play. Find the region that matches what you're looking for, and you're off to a sure start on your next Florida vacation.

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