Motor Home Traveling

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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Motor home travelling is much like train travel. If you're a passenger, it's like closing the door on one place, and opening the door on another. There is no hassle of loading and unloading luggage. There is no cramped conditions, nor sharing space with strangers. Just a pleasant, smooth ride from one destination to another, without sacrificing any privacy or comfort in between.

Motor Home Travelling: A Peaceful Easy Feeling

If a person is driving one of the higher quality motor homes, even operating the vehicle isn't very much work. They're bigger, yes, and, of course, need much more room to stop safely and to navigate turns from lane to lane. However, most high end Class C and nearly all Class A motorhomes are famous for a smooth, easy ride, and excellent drivability.

The nerves of the driver may be even more calm than when at home. In a regular car, one might hear the well known chorus, of "I'm bored: I have to go to the bathroom. Are we there yet?" Not here. The driver can easily enjoy music up front, or a quiet conversation with a passenger, while the children watch satellite television, or play a board game, or enjoy a cold chicken sandwich at the dinette in the back.

Plus, with the exception of time to fill the tank up, point to point distances are covered quickly. In other vehicles, one might need to take "potty breaks," or "stop to stretch one's legs." In a comfy, full size motor home, the bathroom is always open for business, legs can be stretched--even to a yoga tape on the TV if one desires. As a result, with the exception of the time it takes for drivers to switch positions, there's no wasted down time between points of interest. Motor home travelling is a wonderful mode of travel for people that enjoy seeing the world go by their window, while they sit in supreme cozy comfort.

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