Orlando Florida Vacations

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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There are two kinds of Orlando vacations. The one spent in the world that a mouse built, and the one spent outdoors. And they're both really, really fun.

Orlando: Quality and Quantity

Orlando, of course, is the home of Disney World, and all its resulting wonders. Forty-three million visitors a year make the trip to this land of happy dreams, many of whom return year after year. And there's always something new to see. Eight major theme parks, restaurants running the gamut of funky to fine, rides, museums, and more can be found in Orlando. The choices are nearly limitless. It's a great spot to visit. There's ample reason for people to return year after year, and never even come close to seeing it all.

And then there's the magical beauty of the region, itself. Orlando is also home to an area breathtakingly rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. This area is home to more than 300 lakes, waiting for visitors to come splashing. There are wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, gardens, waterfalls, beaches, forests, and more.

The best vacations try to mix aspects of both these worlds into one memorable experience. For every two days spent at a theme park, some try to include one day of leisure in one of the breathtaking state parks in the region. Families can swim, snorkel, or go horseback riding. Camping, too, is great fun, both in the secluded and safe state parks, and in the RV campgrounds close to the theme parks. This way, man made wonders combine with natural wonders during an Orlando vacation, each complementing the other.

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