Pop Up Camper

Written by Jill Morrison
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A pop up camper is a great option for family vacations. They are the least expensive type of RV trailer available. These campers are also known as folding camping trailers because you can fold them up for easy traveling.

Pop Up Camper Characteristics

A pop up camper is most often used for spring or summer vacations. Because it is similar to a tent, it should only be used in mild weather conditions. You will have to spend more money on a different type of trailer if you wish to travel year-round.

A pop up camper is a good option for families who vacation once a year, or less often than most families. These trailers are easy to store because they are so compact. They are also desirable because they can be pulled by a compact car.

Some pop up trailers can be expanded into spacious RVs with many great feature. Larger models may include restrooms with a shower. Smaller models can at least fit a queen or king size bed, sink, ice box, and some cupboard space.

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