Short Term Rental Accommodations In Florida

Written by Blaire Chandler-Wilcox
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When you think of short term rental accommodations in Florida, chances are you think of hotels and motels for a three day stay. During peak season, even "affordable" hotels and motels are in triple digits. Factor in restaurant dining, and many families find that they're looking at upwards of $300 a day, just for food and lodging.

For that same amount of money--if not considerably less--chances are you could have your own suite on wheels. Fully equipped motor homes are much, much less expensive on average than tourist trap motel and hotels. Even including park and camping fees, and fuel, most experts say that RV rates are much less expensive than those of average hotels and motels.

And one does get a lot more for their money. In an average hotel or motel room, you've got one or two beds, a television at the foot of the bed, and maybe, if you're lucky, a minibar filled with thing that will cost you $10 just to take the cap off. In an midsize RV however, there's a private bedroom, possibly with a television. There's also a comfortably sized living room, certainly with a television. One person can rest in comfort and silence, while the other stays up to watch a favorite program. Neither person is disturbed. There's a fully stocked kitchen, full of all your favorite foods. Also, there's a little dinette set to boot, perfect for sharing a meal, or an impromptu game of cards.

Florida Is Made for RV Travel

And finally, if there is any state in the union which knows how to cater to RV travelers, it's Florida. This state is teeming with charming RV parks, as well as beautiful state parks complete with RV camping facilities. In Florida, you can find RV parks complete with swimming pools, private beaches, waterfalls, even tennis courts. You can dine outside under the stars, or walk to the dining pavillion and have a meal among new friends. Many people find that renting an RV gives them a whole new way to fully enjoy a three day weekend, without breaking the bank.

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