Written by Jill Morrison
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Trailers were the first type of RVs to become popular for vacations. They are available in different styles, lengths and widths. They are not motorized and can be pulled by a car of truck.

Types of Trailers

There are a few different options to consider when choosing an RV trailer. The standard trailer has been around the longest and is not extremely expensive. The size of trailer that you purchase depends on the size and power level of the tow vehicle you have.

Fifth wheel trailers are the most expensive type of trailer. It has a bi-level floor plan and a raised forward section in its design. Fifth wheels are attached to trucks with a special hitch and cannot be pulled by cars.

Folding camping trailers are the least expensive option to choose from. They are recommended for vacations in the summertime when weather conditions are mild. This type of trailer is compact and can be folded up for traveling.

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