Truck Camper

Written by Jill Morrison
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A truck camper is designed for people who travel part-time. The camper is attached to the bed of a pickup truck. The camper is used as a compact living space for convenience on short travel excursions.

Truck Camper Qualities

A truck camper is on the low end of pricing for RVs. Campers have many of the same features of motor homes or trailers. However, they are more compact, so they should not be used for extremely long and frequent vacations.

Though the design of a truck camper is small, you would be amazed to see how many features may be included. However, most models of campers do not allow access to the living area through the cab. You will have to exit the vehicle and enter the living area from an outside entrance, which is normally tolerable since most vacations take place in the outdoors.

Campers can be purchased from many different locations. You can purchase them from RV dealerships and sometimes at the dealership for your model of truck. You can also find new or used vehicles in newspaper ads or magazines. The best prices on campers are typically found online, if you are comfortable with ordering the camper before observing it in person.

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