Used Travel Trailer

Written by Jill Morrison
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Purchasing a used travel trailer will help your family to save a large amount of money for vacationing. Used trailers can be very inexpensive. You will also save money on hotel expenses, airfare, and meals when you stay in the trailer on road trips.

Used Travel Trailer Options

There are many options to consider when choosing a used travel trailer. A conventional travel trailer is not too expensive and has been around the longest of all trailer models. Conventional trailers may be pulled by a car or truck and are available in different lengths, widths, and styles.

Folding camping trailers are the least expensive of all trailers. They are compact and may be pulled by smaller cars. Folding camping trailers may also be folded up when preparing to venture out on the road.

A fifth wheel trailer is typically the most expensive used travel trailer that you could buy. It is similar to a standard trailer, but has a raised forward section that attaches to a special hitch on the top of trucks. Fifth wheel trailers can only be pulled by trucks and are too heavy to be pulled by car.

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