3 Wheel Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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3 wheel scooters are a perfect companion for those who may not get around as well as they used to. These power scooters provide you just the help you need to live the active lifestyle you're used to. You can be cruising around the house and the neighborhood with ease.

Scooters have taken advantage of a number of recent technological breakthroughs. You've heard of the hybrid car, I imagine? Well, there's no hybrid scooter--just some that run entirely on electricity!

3 Wheel Scooters: How They Work

Electric scooters use a rechargeable battery that won't put a drain on your electric bill. These batteries charge over and over again, saving you money each time. Just plug your battery in to a 110 volt wall outlet and you're on your way.

3 wheel scooters provide the optimal combination of support and mobility. However, if you want to maximize support and safety, you may also want to look into a four wheel version. Either way, an online retailer can give you a competitively priced range of choices.

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