Barbie Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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A Barbie scooter is a wonderful way to encourage the budding scooter enthusiast. As one of the few scooters designed with younger female riders in mind, Barbie scooters fill and important niche in the scooter universe. They're small and sturdy enough to maneuver easily and safely.

Of course, kids shouldn't be allowed to have all the fun, right? Many adults have also discovered the youthful delights of motorized scooters. They're handy, easy to care for, and, above all, fun!

Barbie Scooters for Mother and Daughter

O.K., I admit it, I haven't come across any adult scooters with a Barbie cosmetic. But just about any other style is easily found. Racing stripes, funky patterns, American flags--nearly any design you can imagine is painted on a scooter somewhere.

Which makes sense, since power scooters today are all about choices. You can choose to have your scooter run on gas or electric power, to come with or without a seat, or to support two, three, or four wheels. Due to the vast variety of scooters on the market, the power is in your hands.

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