Bladez Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Bladez scooters offer all of the different power options now available to the scooter consumer. Both gas and electric models are offered by this pioneering company. So how do you go about finding the scooter that's right for you?

The first type of scooter to consider is one that runs on an electric motor. These scooters have the advantage of being incredibly nature friendly, thanks to the lack of petroleum fumes. They are easily rechargeable and even easier to ride!

Bladez Scooters: Gas Versus Electric

Of course, gas scooters are still a viable option for those whose primary concern is performance. Gas powered scooters go further and faster than their electric siblings. There is, however, some trade-off in terms of cost efficiency.

It's tough to give the advantages and disadvantages of different scooters without comparing specific models. The best way to start doing this is to look at an online site devoted to scooters, where you can start to get a feel for the features that make different scooters click. Whether you choose a Bladez scooter or some other kind, you'll be safe in the knowledge that you've done your homework.

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a G-Scooter that is both gas and electric

6 or 7 years ago my son bought a G-Scooter that is both gas and electric. One chain for the 43cc gas engine and one chain for the electric motor. Do you have information on these?