Child Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Child scooters sound like a great idea, don't they? After all, scooters are small and cute, just like your kids! However, you'll want to make safety your top priority when considering a scooter for your child.

Some gas scooters are designed with the teen body and temperament in mind. These scooters are powerful enough to give your kid a thrill while on the bike without getting out of control. But you'll want to make sure you take every precaution when putting your teenager on a scooter, including but not limited to a scooter helmet.

Child Scooters: Not Before They're Ready

Electric scooters are also a nice option for the burgeoning rider, as they don't attain quite the same speeds as gas scooters. These scooters have the added advantages of begin environmentally friendly and easy to charge up. They are also conveniently stored away when Junior gets bored.

For the little ones, the best child scooter option is neither gas not electric, but plastic. Plastic scooters can only go as fast as your wee one can pump his or her legs, which makes for easy round up come dinner time. And they're specially designed to maintain a short distance from the rug should an accident occur!

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