Currie Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Currie scooters are geared mostly towards the younger generation--or anyone who feels young! These scooters don't include seats, so you'll have to be a bit more active in your riding style. It also means you get to be a bit more creative!

Currie scooters are made with high quality electric motors that can take you to many interesting places. Don't be afraid to go off-road with these scooters! They've got the power to get you through the dirt and up the hill with flying colors.

Currie Scooters and the Comfort Question

Of course, if most of your riding exploits involve going to the store or dropping in on friends, you may want to seek out a more comfortable alternative. Scooters with seats provide just such a luxurious upgrade. After all, why stand when you can sit instead?

No matter the structural options you choose, you'll be doing yourself-and everyone around you--a favor with an electrical scooter. By relying on electricity instead of gas to power your vehicle, you'll be doing the natural world a great service. So go ahead--pat yourself on the back!

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