Cushman Motor Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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A Cushman motor scooter is the Holy Grail of the scooter collecting industry. These famed scooters hail from Nebraska, and the quality and workmanship bespeak solid midwestern values. They are so well-crafted that some of them were even used in the second World War, including a specially designed scooter that was made to be parachuted to the ground.

Thanks to their sturdiness and durability, some of these scooters, last produced in 1965, remain extant today. These scooters are highly prized by collectors. There are a number of groups today that focus solely on the legacy of these classic scooters.

Cushman Motor Scooters: Today's Versions

So what about a scooter that you can actually use in the new millennium? Well, today's scooters might not have the cache of Cushman motor scooters, but they do come with their own advantages. Reliable gas scooters are still made today in the Cushman tradition.

A new option, not available when Cushmans were made, is the electric motor scooter. These scooters run on rechargeable batteries, thus saving you money you would have spent on gasoline. These scooters come with the added benefit of shielding the planet from yet more pollution.

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