Cushman Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Cushman scooters are among the most revered brand names in the industry. These scooters, among the first power scooters produced, were constructed in Lincoln, Nebraska, from the 1930s through the 1960s. Some of these scooters were even commissioned by the military for use in World War II.

Having last been made in 1965, these scooters are not widely available nearly forty years later. Their following is so devoted that there are still a number of organizations devoted to the history of these scooters. A few lucky collectors also have some original models on display.

Cushman Scooters: Today's Alternatives

Though you can't buy a new Cushman scooter any more, there are still numerous options for your scooting life. Cushmans ran on gas, and manufacturers still make a number of gasoline powered models for you to use. For the daring, there are also more technologically advanced models.

Electric scooters, a relatively recent innovation, are steadily growing in popularity and usage. These clean machines zip around without causing unnecessary pollution on easily rechargeable batteries. They may not have the Cushman logo on them, but they might just be the next best thing!

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