Electric Razor Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Electric Razor scooters have grown in popularity thanks to the great success of their self-powered counterparts. A couple of years ago, it seemed like everyone had a Razor. Kids and businessmen alike were seen gliding along on their shiny new toys.

These days, power scooters are becoming all the rage. And why not? These scooters offer all of the convenience of a push scooter without the need to push! Like many other product lines, Razors have branched out to embrace the power revolution.

Electric Razor Scooters Get Around

One thing you may remember about pre-electric Razor scooters is that there wasn't really anywhere to sit. Well, recent scooters have corrected that problem, allowing you to maintain a relaxed posture as you motor along. No pushing, no standing, no problem!

For those who like the creative outlet offered by a seat-less scooters, electric versions sans seat are also available. Just think of the off-road possibilities--the hills to be climbed, for example! Just be sure to do like your mom says and wear your helmet whenever you're on your scooter.

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