Gas Motor Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Gas motor scooters combine the wave of the future with the convenience of the past. These scooters are small in size, making for easy commuting and storage. And they're designed to handle longer trips as well as quick jaunts.

Scooters of all types are obviously the height of easy transportation. They're like a bike that does all of the work for you, thus getting you to your destination minus the hassles of sweat and sore legs. Once you're back home, they pack up nicely, allowing you more space in your crowded life.

Gas Motor Scooters: Rev It Up!

Gas powered scooters have certain advantages over other types of scooters. The first is range. On a single tank of gas, these scooters can get you thirty miles on the road, enough for even your longer errands.

The second is speed. Don't think that just because you're on a scooter you'll be reduced to poking along. Thirty miles per hour is not an unrealistic expectation for a gas motor scooter, which, while not as fast as a car, still feels pretty cool with the wind in your face!

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