Gas Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Gas scooters are a great transportation alternative for anyone who's looking to get around without the hassle of a car. These scooters can travel quite a ways on a single tank of gas. And just think of much fun it will be to have the wind blowing in your face as you travel!

These scooters are less bulky than even a motorcycle, and while that means they are consequently less powerful, such a disadvantage can be a good thing when it means a lower risk of injury. You'll be jetting around in just about the sleekest way possible. And you won't ever have to worry about finding parking!

Gas Scooters: Get the Facts

Gas scooters can get up to thirty miles on a gallon of gas and up to thirty miles per hour of speed. Such specs make them great for short trips. Soon you'll be looking for more places to go, just so you can get out on your scooter!

When looking for a gas powered scooter, you might want to try an online retailer. These retailers really know their stuff, and can get you all of the information you need to know to make an informed decision. In addition, shopping online often yields the best prices available.

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