Mosquito Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Mosquito scooters have become more popular as scooter sales have climbed in recent years. Playing off of the trend toward push scooters, many Mosquitoes do not include a seat but instead keep the flat design of a man-powered scooter and include an engine in the back. There are also scooters with seats available for maximum comfort.

Mosquito certainly has a great brand name at its disposal. You can zip around town as if you're flying! However, Mosquito scooters use gas engines exclusively, which, while very effective, leave out some important scooter technology.

Mosquito Scooters: High-Tech Alternatives

Of late, electric engines have become more and more popular as part of a power scooter. Electric scooters run on rechargeable batteries that won't wear out your electric bill. Furthermore, your scooter won't be emitting harmful gas fumes as you go on your way.

Gas scooters do have their advantages, namely increased range and speed. It's up to you to decide which advantages suit you and your scooter needs best. Thankfully, there are variety of options available for whatever kind of scooter you choose!

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