Motor Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Motor scooters get you wherever you want to go with a minimum of fuss. Whether you're tooling around campus or have your sights set on a more distant destination, there is a scooter that will meet your requirements. And no, you won't have to push it on your own!

One type of scooter to consider is an electric scooter. These scooters are both a great aid to your daily routine as well as a boon to the environment. You certainly won't be contributing to the pollution problem!

Different Kinds of Motor Scooters

Scooters that run on electricity are very easy to care for as well. Many of them fold up for easy storage anywhere you can find a little bit of room. The batteries recharge in a plain old wall socket, using less than a dime's worth of electricity!

If you're planning a longer trip, you'll want to look into a scooter that runs on gasoline. Such a scooter boasts nearly double the range of most electric models. No matter what type of motor scooter you choose, you'll be traveling in a fun new way in no time!

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