Push Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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The days of the push scooter are, thankfully, just about behind us. Why would such a popular item go the way of the dinosaur? Well, the simple reason is the advent of a better scooter.

Motorized scooters have actually been around for a while. But with a multitude of people suddenly interested in such a convenient mode of transportation, more and more of these scooters are available to the lucky consumer. You don't even have to break a sweat with these new scooters!

Beyond the Push Scooter

Electric power scooters retain many of the same features of the standard push scooter. Many models fold up for the easiest possible storage. And these scooter get you where you need to go--but in a much less stressful way!

Just think of it--sitting down on a scooter! Quite different from pushing your little metal platform around, I'd say. Electric scooters take you to your destination with minimal effort on your part so you can be at your best when you arrive!

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Tina,Serioulsy, you are an amazing and tnleated young lady. I so would love for you to do photos of my two kiddos. My sister has done a great job, but I think it's good to get another artist's eye too. Everyone has a different style, so why not get the best of both worlds, right? When are you in the Philadelphia area girlfriend? Is it considered betrayal to my sister for asking you to do a photo shoot of my family too?Love and miss you! PS - would love to do the pictures in Chambersburg. I just love all the background scenery you use.