Radio Flyer Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Radio Flyer scooters bring out the kid in all of us. I can remember my red Radio Flyer wagon, full of rain water, sitting in the yard, but still so dependable. Their scooters are just as much, if not more, fun for kids of all ages!

With their classic red styling and top notch workmanship, Radio Flyer scooters make for a great addition to any child's collection of toys. Some models even come with training wheels for beginners. Just make sure you include a scooter helmet with that gift--better safe than sorry, after all!

Radio Flyer Scooters: Grown Up Versions

While Radio Flyers are great for the younger generation, many adults need something with a bit more power. Many of us have left our scooter days behind--unnecessarily! For there are now scooters that pack a powerful wallop and get you from here to there in a flash.

Motorized scooters have been a revelation for may adults who miss the scooting days of their childhoods. A scooter with an engine can give you that feeling of exhilaration you remember while also effectively transporting you to the post office. But remember--you're never too old for a helmet!

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