Schwinn Scooter

Written by Kevin Little
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Schwinn scooters draw on the classic appeal of a much-loved brand name. You remember your old Schwinn, bike, don't you? Well, there are new power scooters made by Schwinn that will get you to your destination even more comfortably than your bike did!

Schwinn has not rested on its laurels despite its impressive history. Their scooters incorporate the latest technology to make your scooter run faster and cleaner than ever. Their scooters are just about as pollution-free as you bike was.

Schwinn Scooters: How They Work

Schwinn scooters use electric power to deliver a pure, efficient ride. The batteries used in these bikes recharge without running up your electric bill. And these aren't double-A's we're talking about: scooter batteries can power your ride up to thirty miles per hour!

Of course, Schwinn is not the only company that has unlocked the secret of the electrically powered scooter. There are a number of different brands active in this particular marketing arena. It's a good idea to compare different makes and styles, and figure out which one fully meets your needs.

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