Written by Kevin Little
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Scooters have undergone a radical transformation since we last saw all those people pushing around those little metal contraptions. What's the biggest difference between the then and now when it comes to our transportation buddies? The change can be summed up in a word: power.

Yes, gasoline and electricity have entered the picture--all for the better. Now, instead of relying on those tired legs, you can rest them as you scoot around in style. Since you can accelerate up to thirty miles per hour on some models, you can get a nice little breeze on your face as well!

Motorized Scooters Have Changed the Landscape

First of all, you'll have to come to terms with the fact that you'll no longer be standing up. Thanks to the seats now provided, you can cart around and relax at the same time. No more shortness of breath or shaky legs to worry about!

If you're using an electric scooter, you're hardly impacting the environment any more than you would be walking around. You'll certainly have the ethical advantage over anyone in a car. Electric power, clean and cheap as it is, lets you get around in an earth-friendly way.

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