Scooter Racing

Written by Kevin Little
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Scooter racing is one of those ideas that sounds great in theory but that must be undertaken with the utmost caution. Racing any kind of vehicle comes with obvious dangers, and, yes--motorized scooters qualify as vehicles. They pack a lot of punch for their small size.

Electric and gas scooters can reach speeds of up to thirty miles per hour, after all. These small machines can get in gear in a hurry! So please be careful when considering the option of scooter racing.

Scooter Racing: Necessary Precautions

If you just can't help but race your scooter, make sure to put safety first. A helmet is obviously necessary for such an activity. And don't just take your scooter out to race as soon as you get it--take some time to really get to know how your vehicle works.

For just tooling around on your scooter can be a ton of fun! More and more people are impressed by how convenient and enjoyable a ride on a scooter can be. So start small--even your errands can be a blast on a scooter!

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